• BattleTime 2 icon

    BattleTime 2

    BattleTime2 will give you much more!

    Choose one of the factions!
    Unlock special skills!
    Use various types of units!
    Increase the stats of your units and buildings!

  • BattleTime 1 icon

    BattleTime 1

    BattleTime1 will make you a conqueror!

    Join the battle!
    Plenty of maps!
    Magic, Skills, Artefacts!
    Fight and win!

  • BattleTime 3 icon

    BattleTime 3


    BattleTime3 is in development, expect in 2020.

  • BattleTime Oldschool icon

    BattleTime Oldschool

    BattleTimeOS will show you the old school!

    Fight and win!
    Build your ultimate army!
    Plenty of maps!
    Join the battle!